Ansoff matrix example

CIMA E2: Ansoff’s Matrix

This is a risky strategy and is apt to execute when the product or service is the core competence of the business. Johnson et al also depict it as a method of ascertaining the benefits or risks associated with each strategic option.

Coca-Cola generally avoids risky adventures into unknown territories and can instead utilise its brand strength to continue growing within the drinks industry. Expansion, new product, new market, new competitor, recession etc.

In this strategy, there can be further exploitation of the products without necessarily changing the product or the outlook of the product.

They realised that apart from being used solely for baking, the products could be used as a household cleaning and deodorizing product, so they repackaged its contents and marketed them to supermarkets and corner shops as effective cleaning agents.

The Ansoff Matrix management tool offers a solution to this question by assessing the level of risk — considering whether to seek growth through existing or new products in existing or new markets.

To ensure that the differentiation strategy is carried out, there are various tactics that ASDA will need to undertake.

Market Penetration

Though the four strategies apply differently to companies depending on their market and product intentions, it also depends hugely on firm specific capabilities such as brand image and research capabilities.

Organizations can encourage their customers to use more of the service through aggressive marketing communications drive. Secondly, apply qualitative criteria to short list the most favourable few alternatives.

Benefits of the Ansoff Matrix The Ansoff Matrix is particularly useful for strategic planning because it provides a framework to help executives, senior managers and marketers devise strategies for future growth. The Ansoff Matrix has four alternatives of marketing strategies; Market Penetration, product development, market development and diversification.

Workshops will be done in class 5.

The 4 Ps of Marketing. Part 1: Product and Brand

However, diversification brings in the best potential for growth. As time goes by, people have less time to go to the supermarket as they are always on the go. This helps you understand what your strengths and weaknesses are, as well as identifying the opportunities and threats that you should be looking at.

H M Ansoff

It is believed that the concept of strategic management is widely attributed to the great man. NEW Market, NEW Product This involves the production of a new category of goods that complements the existing portfolio, in order to penetrate a new but related market.

Lexicon Ansoff Matrix Every business looks forward to healthy growth, but it often becomes hard to determine the best way to trigger growth in the right direction.

Ansoff's Matrix

NJ, pp Fifield, P. However, a major disadvantage of this strategy is that it does not promote corporate growth into other potentially higher earning sectors Watts et al, Such a strategy entails offering a new product in a new market and is often used when a market has become saturated and profits are limited Lynch, The Ansoff Matrix, developed by Igor Ansoff in highlights four major strategic options Figure 1 through which an organisation could adapt its new or existing products into a new or existing marketplace.

The Four Growth Alternatives The four alternative growth strategies are: There is related diversification and unrelated diversification.

Another advantage of diversification is that in case one business suffers from adverse circumstances the other line of businesses may not be affected. What is a Product-Market Growth Strategy?. Ansoff Matrix. A Guide to the Ansoff Product Market Growth Matrix. Market Penetration. When companies enter markets with their existing products or services it is called market penetration.

This is done by taking part or all of a competitor’s market share.

Product/Market Expansion Matrix

To analyse the marketing strategies of H&M we are using the Ansoff Matrix. It is a tool that helps businesses decides their product and market growth strategy (Jobber and Fahy, ).

Ansoff matrix consists of product development (Selling new products to existing customers), market penetration (Selling more of the same to the same types of [ ].

The Ansoff Matrix, or Ansoff Box, is a business analysis technique that provides a framework enabling growth opportunities to be identified.

It can help you consider the implications of growing the business through existing or new products and in existing or new markets.

The Ansoff matrix can prepare the strategic approach for deciding the best plan. Basic Concept of Ansoff Matrix First published in the Harvard Business Review in the yearthe Ansoff Matrix is the quick and simple method of planning for the growth of the business.

Examples of how the Ansoff Matrix can be applied to digital marketing strategy The Ansoff matrix is useful for developing online strategies too, for example For Market Development strategy. CIMA E2: Ansoff’s Matrix November 16, November 15, cimastudent CIMA Exam Tips Ansoffs Matrix, CIMA E2 Exam Tips The topic of Ansoff’s Matrix is covered in the E2 syllabus when looking at strategy and to be more specific, it’s used in the .

Ansoff matrix example
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